Episode 30 – The Value Levers – Risk & Reward

Welcome back to our Elevate Weekly Video Series. This week we’re up to Episode 30 of our series. Last week we took a look at what it takes to perfect projects. If you missed the episode, I’ve included the link for you here.


On the agenda today is your business value. Business valuation can be a complex topic with a lot of moving parts, so we’re going to just focus on one element in particular. The first and fundamental principle of business value is Risk vs Reward, and everything that impacts the value of a business hinges off this principle.

Reward is the financial return that a business will generate, in other words profits and cashflow. Risk is the level of risk associated with the generation of the reward, so what is the likelihood of that reward continuing.

How do you reduce risk in your business and therefore increase your business value? Check out this week’s video to hear more. As always, if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to reach out to me.



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