Episode 25 – Powerful Problem Solving – Five Whys

Happy Thursday everyone! Welcome back to our Elevate Weekly Video Series. In last week’s episode, I introduced you to the change success model – a tool that allows you to be your very own change success consultant. Don’t worry if you missed it, you can catch up here.


You may have heard of this before, but this week I want to talk about the ‘5 Whys’ technique, which was a problem-solving process first used by Toyota nearly 100 years ago. It’s a simple cause and effect type process, but a systematic way of getting to the root of a problem quickly.

We’ve all had those problems that just refuse to go away. We’ve tried the quick fix, we’ve tried to ignore them, but they just keep resurfacing and causing trouble. Those stubborn and recurrent problems are often symptoms of deeper issues. A quick fix may seem convenient, but often it just looks at the symptom, rather than the underlying problem.

So what does the ‘5 Whys’ technique look like? Watch this week’s episode for more detail. As always, feel free to reach out if you have any questions.



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